Does Online Promotion have really lowered the mark-up?

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Internet a big world to explore and a small word to say. Many SEOs are working continuously to promote their business online. But there are few business owners who still think that SEO is nothing. I met a person who was MD of a company and he told me that SEO is a JOKE. I was surprised to hear that from him, as he too is getting business from the web. In my 5 years of carrier I haven’t heard anything like this. As per him, “Due to huge competition, he is not able to make money from his customers. If I am making 100 bugs on one product selling it offline then I am making only 10-20 bugs while selling the product online”. I thought why not ask people whether they are able to make enough money while selling their products online. The first thing which comes to my mind was to conduct a poll only for service providers. Does Online Promotion have really lowered the mark-up??


Google Chrome Comes at Number 3

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As per a recent research Google’s Browser Chrome becomes third most popular web browser replacing Apple’s Safari. Its good news for Google Chrome Development Team but a worrying sign for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, as the market share of Internet Explorer is decreasing day by day. However, Web Browser Giant, Internet Explorer is still at top by having more than 60% of market share.

According to the reports, Windows usage is falling much slowly than that of Internet Explorer. Google’s aim of becoming top providers in Web industry is still out of reach. Everyone is waiting for Google’s Operating System which would be free of cost. If Google does that then it would be a great problem for Microsoft. However, Google had already clear the things that it won’t develop a fully functional operating system just like Microsoft. But the fact is Google has recently developed an Operating System through which we can access any web applications.

Google Will Find Everything Related to the Landmarks??

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There are times when you are in front of a landmark and wondering to know, when it was built and what it is called. At that time you might get little confused about the landmark with less information. Now, Google is attempting to put an end to this. The search engine giant is starting new service which would perform visual searches using cameras on smart phones.
You have to simply take the pictures of the land marks and send it to Google by submitting it to Google’ search engine. Google would determine what the picture is and would return results in the phone browsers, which would include all the data related to that land mark.
The feature is available on the phone run by Google’s OS Android. If this attempt is a success, then it would be a major breakthrough in the Web Industry. The application would use Google’s Image Database having information about millions of images.

Google Launched its Web Browser -> CHROME

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Hi All,

Google recently launched its web browser, which is an open source, on 2nd Sep 2008. Now, Since it’s an open source, yoy can add or amend any functionality to it, if you know little bit of programming. I have checked few of my website and got to know that they are working fine on CHROME. It’s very early to say about the browser compatibility for any website, but i think there won’t be anything new regarding this.

Happy Browsing!

Does Inernet Marketing Means Search Engine Marketing?

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Does Internet Marketing Means Search Engine Marketing?

Various Surveys tells us that approximately 85% of the web traffic comes from search engines i.e. major part of the web traffic is coming from search engines and only 15% of traffic is coming from other sources that could be direct traffic, through web directories, classifieds, etc. Search engine marketing is part of Internet marketing but the amount of traffic given by search engine marketing is far too ahead of internet marketing.
Now, Can we say that internet marketing is the other name for search engine marketing?
UnFortunately not. There are many other sources from where we can drive web traffic to our websites, like classifieds, press releases, web directories, social media websites, email marketing etc. But the traffic from search engines are much relevant that other sources.
A successful internet marketing expert knows how to drive traffic from Internet. It means if we use internet marketing including search engine marketing to market our products/services then we could drive approx. 99% of the web traffic. We can use Affiliate Marketing, Contextual Advertising, Display Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Revenue Sharing, Search Engine Marketing, Virul Marketing and other forms of Internet Marketing to achieve that target.

Google Adwords Showing Multiple Ads for One Website

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Well, Google does not allow multiple ads from same advertisers for same business to appear on the same result pages. Click Here. But there are many cases when many people faced this. Multiple ads on same result pages and too for single keyword search. read more..

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Google Launched Android and Not GPhone

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Google launched open and free mobile platform, Android, with which you can create your own applications. read more..